Nomi Health Success Care: A Year in Review

April 17, 2024

It's been one year since Nomi Health entered the substance use disorder treatment space to reduce costs for local cities, counties, and employers and expand access to care with our whole-person, recovery-oriented services.  

In this short time, monthly clinic visits have surged with a 3,230% year-over-year increase. Through Success Care, we've expanded access to care, especially to those most vulnerable, such as the justice-involved, and our team's commitment to creating positive change in the lives of those we serve is stronger than ever. In celebration of one year on our path to help tackle the opioid crisis, here are some of the milestones accomplished in the last 365 days.


This year has been filled with recognition, and rightfully so. We want to start by recognizing that none of the work done over the last year would have been possible without the tireless work of the providers, nurses, peers, administrative staff, and those working behind the scenes to bring all this work together. You are changing lives every day, and we're so grateful to you.  

Our patient experience ratings recognize our team's outstanding care, with 86% of our patients indicating that they have high trust in the care they receive from us, and 80% of our MAT patients are very satisfied with their recovery progress.

Our Impact

Over the last year, we have witnessed remarkable engagement rates, primarily servicing a previous justice-involved patient population. Reports show our 34-day engagement in Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) treatment at 68%, 139% higher than the 2021 Medicaid HMO Engagement of AOD treatment rate of 28%.  

Through our involvement in the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) Program, we have also been able to provide SUD support up to 6 months before release and aid in successful releases, which has shown effectiveness in reducing relapses and recidivism rates.

Our impact within the RSAT program was recognized by the American Journal of Managed Care citing the effectiveness of Success Care peer support in the re-entry program thanks to our dedicated team who works diligently to bridge the gaps between clinical and social care needs for those they serve.

We also recognized those lost by observing Overdose Awareness Day through locally led community commemoration efforts with a beautiful luminary containing messages for people who have lost the fight. Nomi Health continues to honor them in our steadfast mission to change the substance use disorder treatment paradigm and continue to change and improve lives.

Expansion of Care and Awareness:

Over the last year, we have served thousands of individuals and their families, given away over 700 doses of Narcan at corporate events to raise awareness of substance use disorders, and launched to combat SUD stigma and provide lifesaving care.

Services Offered  

  • Primary care  
  • Medication Assisted Treatment  
  • Psychiatry  
  • Behavioral Health  
  • Peer Support  
  • Care Coordination  
  • Social Navigation

Community Clinics Available

  • Success Care Clinics  
  • Salvation Army On-site Clinic  
  • Co-Located Clinics  
  • Re-entry Virtual Support  
  • Mobile Clinic

Department of Corrections Care Provided  

  • DOC Re-entry Centers  
  • Residential Substance Use Treatment  
  • Prison Release Support Planning

Launching of Peer Support

We believe in treating substance use disorders with complete care that meets your whole health and social care needs.  

An integral part of our whole health approach came to life this last year with the adoption of Peer Support services. Individuals in treatment are now paired with someone who understands firsthand the challenges in the recovery process. This certified Peer Specialist is fully committed to helping set patients up for success and help them meet goals and provides an example of long-term recovery. Our partnership with Sober Sidekick also enables us to meet urgent needs and provide individuals with the tools, resources, and social support needed to achieve lasting sobriety. Peer support specialists help assess and meet the needs of those we serve by setting them up for success by measuring and closing any gaps identified across 14 social determinants of health.

Commitment to the Next Year

We will continue our dedication to be here for every moment.  

The remarkable outcomes over the last year are a testament to the exceptional dedication of our staff, who invest time and attention in caring for the individuals they serve. We're grateful for our staff who, time and time again, show up at the right moment when someone is ready to change and are always there to support them along the way to recovery.

With this level of growth in a relatively short period, we want to emphasize that nothing compares to the feeling of helping someone when they need it. We are honored to be part of the moments that shape your journey -- the good, the painful, and the in-between. We're grateful to each person who has trusted us to support them in their recovery. Thank you.