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Ready to learn more about turning your data into insights so you can refocus on making a real impact? Discover more ways Artemis by Nomi Health provides rich insights and extreme flexibility all through intuitive use so you can get to the right answers quickly, and start seeing results.

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Because less time spent with us means more time identifying opportunities to reduce costs, improve quality, and drive outcomes for members. ​​
Let us help you to quickly identify the right path to improve quality of care while containing cost.​

Act With Confidence.

Our benefits analytics solution equips over 600 employers, advisors, and health plans with fast, actionable insights so they can boldly shape their chronic condition management, pharmacy savings, and DEI strategies with conviction.

Insights for Everyone

Our intuitive interface gives everyone the skills of a data master. Whether you’re looking for a quick overview for an executive or in-depth analysis for an expert, our intuitive user interface will help you tailor data stories to key personas with ease.


Progress is in the details. We believe micro-segments are vital in understanding your big picture. We use cloud-based infrastructure, architecture principles and rapid software development to deliver flexible modular solutions.


Innovation is weaved into our DNA. We are constantly creating new features to provide even more insight such as measuring avoidable spending areas or integrating census data, our R&D team continually churns out new, innovative features.


No more reinventing the wheel, we’re here to help you win the race. With multi-client functionality and incredibly fast query speed, you can create an analysis once, then roll it out to your entire book of business.

Actionable Insights

With us, your data comes to life through actionable insights and beautiful visualizations that make it easy to identify the best opportunities to improve your benefits and reduce costs.


Our clients love our analytic and clinical experts, lightning-fast response times, and how we partner with them and their advisors. We are here for you when you need it.

Making an Impact


Thousands of employers and buyers use our data platform to improve health outcomes.

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Whenever you need help, we're here for you within 90 seconds in our in-app chat.


Over 13% of U.S. workers and their families have improved benefits through our platform.

Artemis by Nomi Health

We turn your data into clear insights you can act on today to drive down costs and improve outcomes for your population.

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