Government Solutions

Our solutions assist you with prioritizing, designing, and implementing strategies at the state, county, and individual member level to contain healthcare costs and improve population health.

Who We Serve

State Governments
City and County Governments
Federal Government
Government Healthcare Industry Consultants
Third-Party Administrators
Tribal Health
Medicaid Managed Care Organizations
And Others...

What We Do Best

Industry-leading benefits analytics platform harnesses data to turn insights into decision maker action - cost, quality, SDOH and outcomes
Patient-centric care programs that deliver services directly to underserved populations with complex needs
In-house pharmacy benefit optimization program to help reduce Rx spend
Direct provider contracts with below market rate and $0 member incentive

Direct Network of Providers

Tap into a direct network of quality physicians and facilities nationwide to give your employees affordable access to specialty and acute services.
Self-funded entities save money on services provided via direct contracts.
Members see no out-of-pocket expenses or follow-up bills.
Providers have fixed, transparent prices with no billing of claims to traditional insurance.
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Care Programs

Social determinants of health, such as education, food security, safe housing, and transportation, are as important to health as medical care. Yet, we still struggle to address them. We offer several programs to provide communities with the resources necessary to guide individuals through a whole person approach.
Gaps in Care program simplifies multi-vendor challenges for healthcare payers while focusing on care delivery and oversight monitoring of gaps in care performance.
Success Care, our Substance Use Disorder program, uses a patient-centric approach to bring quality care to communities; including the use of mobile units.

Convenient Pharmacy Services

Save money on pharmacy services in your community to free up budget to further help investing in other important programs.
Control pharmacy costs while maintaining high quality services.
Prescriptions quickly delivered to where your community members need them.
Excellent customer support including multilingual services, voice call, chat, video, and text messaging.

Faster Billing, Claims, and Payments

We make paying for healthcare as easy as paying for coffee.
Our integrated platform for payment, claims, and billing enables organizations to purchase healthcare directly from physicians, slashing the cost of care.
We adhere to the most up-to-date security and regulatory requirements.
No more confusing and delayed payment requests.


Artemis by Nomi Health helps buyers turn complex benefits data into clear, actionable insights so benefits leaders can provide the best care and curb costs.

Artemis Perspectives

See the full story behind benefits data to measure the well-being of your population and turn insights into action.

Artemis Console

Our comprehensive care solution evaluation tool lets you measure and manage programs to ensure they deliver results.

Artemis Ad Hoc Analytics

All your data is consolidated, cleaned, and matched in one place so your data team can further explore what is most important to your organization.

Making an Impact

Regardless of whether you're footing the bill or receiving payment, everyone deserves a simpler way to handle healthcare finances.


3,200+ customers nationwide


$150b+ healthcare spend captured on our platform.


500m+ healthcare claims analyzed yearly.


30m+ member lives and patients impacted.


$225m medical debt relieved.


$5m donated to address the crisis.

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We work with employers, governments, and their partners to slash healthcare expenses for everyone, so nobody is held back by the cost of care. Our platform delivers analytics, pharmacy management, a direct network, healthcare financial services, and integrated programs. Get in touch today to eliminate complexity and cut your healthcare costs.