Broker & Consultant Solutions

With our solutions, benefits advisors can more effectively plan, place, manage, and measure the success of their clients' benefits strategy.

Your clients love you for your expert advice, not your scatter plot skills.

Benefits advisors are in it for the health and happiness of their clients and members - not for the endless charts and data points. Through our analytics suite, we make the data dives and reporting easy, while also offering a platform of plug and play healthcare solutions that will demonstrate measurable value to your book of business.

Direct Network

Our network of direct contracts ensures that providers are paid quickly and in full and that employers can offer a health benefit their employees can actually use.
Eliminate the complexity and financial barriers to care and deliver a benefit employers are proud to offer.
Say goodbye to the days of delivering double-digit annual rate hikes.
Enhance the member experience via our ZERO out-of-pocket plan designs and high-touch care team support.

Reduce Rx spend without reducing access.  

Save 25% or more compared to your current PBM placements while offering high quality, easy-to-use benefits to your clients.
Conduct savings analysis using our insights engine to show demonstrable Rx savings during the evaluation process.
Slash specialty drug spending through high-touch member engagement and specialty program participation.
Offer direct-mail maintenance medications delivered to members when and where they need them, all at a lower cost.


Artemis by Nomi Health helps benefits advisors turn complex benefits data into clear, actionable insights so consultants can advisor their clients in providing the best care while curbing costs.

Artemis Perspectives

See the full story behind benefits data to measure the well-being of your clients' populations and turn insights into action.

Cost Advisor

Easily manage your clients medical budget, forecast high-cost claimant expenses, and make informed decisions with our automated financial reporting.

Artemis Console

Our analytics platform help benefits advisors turn complex benefits data into clear, actionable insights so consultants can advise their clients on providing benefits and solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Faster and more predictable billing, pricing, and payments

Through our in-house banking infrastructure and plug-and-play TPA partnerships, we make paying for healthcare easy.
Purchase healthcare directly from local physicians at reduced rates via aur integrated direct network and payments solution.
Place business with confidence knowing Nomi Health adheres to the most up-to-date security and regulatory requirements across healthcare and banking.
Improve cash management with predictable, faster payments and actionable reporting.

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We work with employers, governments, and their partners to slash healthcare expenses for everyone, so nobody is held back by the cost of care. Our platform delivers analytics, pharmacy management, a direct network, healthcare financial services, and integrated programs. Get in touch today to eliminate complexity and cut your healthcare costs.