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Real solutions that give you back time and control - making it easier to provide care, instead of spending time on administrative tasks.

Solutions that give providers back time and control.

Medical professionals shouldn't be bogged down in tug-a-war of back-and-forth billing. We're cutting the cord through direct contracting and more efficient payments so you have more time for your patients, and less time banging your head against the red tape of healthcare.

Direct Network

We connect self-insured employers and their members to the highest quality providers through our network of direct contracts.
Get paid in full like clockwork.
Predictable schedules at the agreed amount you set.

Our Promise to Providers

We take a direct approach for better outcomes, clinically and financially. We give you control in the conversation and build direct relationships with the true payers of healthcare, while ensuring you get paid predictably, simply, and quickly.
Patient fees are a burden on both you and your patients. Employers partnered with Nomi agree to eliminate member out-of-pocket expenses, so you don’t have to worry about the collections, confusion, or frustration between you and your patients.
Say goodbye to prior authorizations! Our employer partners agree to eliminate unnecessary prior authorizations in exchange for fixed rates on all Covered Services. We trust you, the medical professionals, to use your medical judgment and experience to deliver the right care to patients at the right time.

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We work with providers like you to redesign the business model of healthcare. Our unique network design aligns incentives across the healthcare ecosystem so that providers collect more revenue and faster, while unlocking a richer, more cost effective benefit for employers and their members.