Provider Solutions

We're building an open network of providers and simplifying patient and payer payments to give you back time and control.

Solutions that give providers back time and control.

Medical professionals shouldn't be bogged down in tug-a-war of back-and-forth billing. We're cutting the cord by using direct payments so you have more time for your patients, and less time banging your head against the red tape of healthcare.

Open Network

We connect self-insured employers to the very best private practice physicians to offer bundled prices for their healthcare treatments.
Get paid in full like clockwork.
Predictable schedules at the agreed amount you set.
Direct payments in 3 business days or less.

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We work with providers like you to slash healthcare expenses for everyone, so nobody is held back by the cost of care. Our platform delivers analytics, pharmacy management, an open network, healthcare financial services, and population care programs. Get in touch today to eliminate complexity and cut your healthcare costs by up to 50%.