Direct contracts powered by our modern infrastructure

Removing waste in your Medical Network means improved outcomes, better experiences, and measurable savings. Our Direct Network ensures that providers are paid quickly and in full and that employers can offer a rich health benefit their employees can actually use.

Employers and Advisors

Control your healthcare spend while providing a richer benefit. Our Network eliminates the financial barriers to care and guides your members to the right care, right place, right price.
Direct contracting provides transparent pricing for medical treatments and services which allows you to budget and forecast expenses appropriately.
We are incentivizing healthcare professionals to focus on delivering high-quality, cost-effective care which leads to better outcomes at lower prices.
Our health data analytics platform enables us to help ensure your members are getting the care they need, where they need it assisting in closing gaps in care.

Provider Solutions

We take a direct approach for better outcomes, clinically and financially. We give you control in the conversation and build direct relationships with the true payers of healthcare, while ensuring you get paid predictably, simply, and quickly.
Patient fees are a burden on both you and your patients. Employers partnered with Nomi agree to eliminate ALL member out-of-pocket expenses, so you don’t have to worry about the collections, confusion, or frustration between you and your patients.
Say goodbye to prior authorizations! Our employer partners agree to eliminate unnecessary prior authorizations in exchange for fixed rates on all Covered Services. We trust you, the medical professionals, to use your medical judgment and experience to deliver the right care to patients at the right time.
We don’t believe in endless adjudication and delays. Upon receipt of an approved Invoice, Nomi will pay providers within 48 hours.

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We work with employers, governments, and their partners to slash healthcare expenses for everyone, so nobody is held back by the cost of care. Our platform delivers analytics, pharmacy management, a direct network, healthcare financial services, and integrated care programs. Get in touch today to eliminate complexity and cut your healthcare costs.