A modern payments processing solution for TPAs and Providers

Our healthcare focused banking infrastructure, built from the ground up, simplifies healthcare payments and reduces administrative waste. We work closely with TPAs, self-funded Employers and providers to optimize healthcare's financial workflows.

Third-Party Administrator Benefits

Fast and efficient payment solution for the future of healthcare
White-Glove Support
Reduced Administrative Waste
Enhanced Security and Compliance
Eliminate Costs of Paper Check Payments

Provider Benefits

Spend less time on RCM and more time with your patients
Reduced Processing Fees
Payment Type Optionality
Fast and Secure Electronic Payments
Seamless Access to Remittance Information

Closing the Loop on Patient Billing

Nomi Health’s closed-loop billing solution allows providers to collect payment directly from their patients, reducing time to payment and alleviating the challenges with patient payment collections.

Faster Healthcare Billing and Payments

Our platform reduces the length of the payment cycle, so that you can put that time and dollars towards caring for patients not chasing after collections.
Get paid quickly and securely with electronic payments.
Improve cash management with predictable, fast payments.
Reduce bad claims processing due to manual errors.
Manage billing, claims decisioning, and payments in one centralized platform.
Feel safe in your payments: We adhere to the most up-to-date security and regulatory requirements.

Pay and Track Bills

Improve your patients’ experience with a simple and intuitive way to pay and track bills:
Confusing, delayed payment requests is stressful for both you and your patients. That’s why we make paying for healthcare as easy as paying for coffee. Our modern interface makes it easy for your patients to know how much they owe and submit payments via various methods including same day ACH.

How It Works

Watch how seamless the platform makes payments, claims, and billing.

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