Introducing! Healthcare Uncovered with Dr. Eric Bricker

Nomi Health
Nomi Health
March 22, 2023

Healthcare is frustratingly complex. Whether you’re a patient receiving bills for a procedure you received months ago, an employer navigating increasing premiums for your employees, or a physician having claims denied by insurance companies, the whole system is broken.  

To help explain the complexities of healthcare, we’ve teamed up with Dr. Eric Bricker, a physician and healthcare finance expert, to present a new series, specifically for doctors and physicians navigating the system. The series, Healthcare Uncovered, aims to break down the broken system and help doctors thrive in a system that makes it hard to do so. Take a look at the promo for Healthcare Uncovered here:  

About Dr. Eric Bricker  

Dr. Eric Bricker is an internal medicine physician who graduated with honors from the University of Illinois College of Medicine and completed his residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Bricker is the former Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Compass Professional Health Services. Compass is a Healthcare Navigation service that grew to 1.8 million members across 2,000+ clients including T-Mobile, Southwest Airlines and Chili's/Maggiano's Restaurants. Compass was acquired by Alight Solutions in July 2018. Alight is a 10,000 person employee benefits and HR outsourcing company that separated from Aon in 2017.

Dr. Bricker is also a healthcare finance expert and produces healthcare finance education videos on his personal platform, AHealthcareZ.  

What you can expect from Healthcare Uncovered  

In this series, Dr. Bricker shares his expertise and knowledge about several topics related to healthcare finance. These topics and episodes include:  

  • Where’s my money? Why skyrocketing healthcare costs don’t make it into doctor’s pockets
  • Sorry, your request is denied: Medicare Advantage and the rise of prior authorizations
  • Damned if you do, damned if you don’t: The No Surprises Act
  • The check is in the mail: Payors, Patients, and Payments
  • Where is all the money in healthcare going? (Hint: It's not to doctors)  
  • And more!  

In each of these videos Dr. Bricker breaks down the problems in the system and offers solutions to help physicians succeed and overcome the barriers healthcare has created.  

We can’t wait to share the series with you! Stay tuned for Episode 1 launching tomorrow.  

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