Nomi Health: A National Leader in Laboratory Quality and Rigor

Nomi Health
Nomi Health
January 31, 2022

In just over two years, Nomi Health has become one of the nation’s most reliable and prolific providers of community-based COVID-19 testing. With operations in more than 15 states and growing, Nomi Health is trusted by local governments and leading organizations to seamlessly administer more than 130,000 tests every single day across the country. Central to our ability to scale nationwide and serve Americans in the face of this pandemic is our rigorous laboratory and clinical processes, powered by an experienced team of more than 100 clinicians. Our lab processes enable high throughput volumes without sacrificing quality. The team has set up validation processes to the absolute highest standards, as well as opened entire labs in under two weeks, while other providers take months.

"In every laboratory setting I’ve led, I thrive on ensuring patients, hospitals and partners are receiving the highest quality product from a best-in-class team."

Dr. Jillian Harrington

In Nomi Health laboratories, everything we do starts with diligent and rigorous validation and compliance. Our Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-certified labs operate under the guidance of Nomi Health's Laboratory Director Dr. Jillian Harrington and Science Advisor Dr. Jon Ahlstrom, two industry veterans who together have decades of experience in validation excellence and clinical innovation.

How We Build and Validate Our Laboratory Network:

  • Identify testing needs and secure authorized and approved testing resources such as equipment, staff and supplies
  • Validate clinical test offerings adhering to stringent acceptability criteria
  • Ensure all appropriate regulatory documentation and reporting is in place

How We Uphold Lab Excellence Year-Round:

  • Decades of experience with laboratory accreditation and governing agencies including CMS, FDA, CLIA, CAP, and COLA
  • Constantly vet and validate new sample types and updates to methodology to improve testing on a continual basis
  • A culture that prides itself on laboratory excellence and works to exceed regulatory standards

Our Laboratory Leadership

Dr. Jillian Harrington

Dr. Jillian Harrington, a PhD in molecular biology, was a scientist for ten years before moving to clinical work and leading two private laboratories. Later, as regional Laboratory Director for Kaiser Permanente, she oversaw more than 20 labs and 400 employees.

Dr. Jon Ahlstrom

Dr. Ahlstrom is an experienced scientist in cellular and molecular biology, specializing in high-complexity diagnostic testing. A former CLIA lab manager, he has significant quality assurance accreditation and oversight experience to make Nomi Health’s clinical operations excel.