Direct Network for Providers

If you're wondering if there is a better way to practice, there is. We help providers build stronger relationships with local employers and members through direct contracts and more efficient payments – so you can get your time back and your money faster.

A Better Way to Get Paid

With traditional back-and-forth billing processes and endless carrier disputes, there is no way of knowing definitively how much or when you will be paid for services rendered. With Nomi Health, 100% of your contracted rates will be paid directly to you within days, not months. Even better, through our reach and distribution, we steer more patients to you so you can invest more in building care delivery capabilities and less on marketing your services.

More Patients, Less Paperwork

Patient billing is a burden on both you and your patients. Through our direct contracting model and our unique plan design, we eliminate patient out-of-pocket expenses. No longer will you have to worry about chase patients for outstanding payments, resulting in more predictable cashflow and more satisfied patients.

We Make It Simple: Serve Patients, Get Paid

Most referrals come as authorized, so you don't have to worry about prior authorizations standing in the way of necessary care.

Get In Touch Today

We work with providers and health systems like you to create a better model and ensure no patient is held back by the cost and complexity of healthcare. Get in touch today to learn more about what Nomi Health can do for you.