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Please see the below links & supplemental information related to your Nomi Dental, Vision, and/or Ortho Benefit Card.

Contact totalrewards@nomihealth.com or 385-375-6604 for support or additional questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding my Benefits

How do I know my copay?

  • You do not have a copay. All eligible dental expenses are 100% covered until. your benefit balance is exhausted.

What happens when my minor dependent turns 18 or 26?

  • When creating your account, you will indicate if your child dependent will need their own account; if you elect to keep them on your account until the end of the benefit year they will become an adult dependent in the next benefit year if you elect to cover them on your benefits.

What do I need to provide for the ortho fund release?

  • You will need to provide receipts totaling at least $1,000 for the card to be activated. Please do not provide receipts until you have spent $1,000 or your request will be denied.

What happens if I am already in orthodontic treatment at the start of the plan year? For card activation?

  • You may submit any orthodontic receipts from 2022 if you are in treatment on 1/1/23 and on a Nomi/Artemis ortho plan to use as proof of your first $1,000 spend.

What is covered under my plan?

  • No cosmetic procedures or medical - see plan guidelines for a full list.

Where can I use my Nomi card(s)?

  • At dental, orthodontic or vision providers, and approved retail suppliers

If my dentist offers a subscription model for preventative services, can I use my Nomi Benefit Card to pay for this?

  • Yes.

Can I use my Nomi Benefit Card to pay for outstanding dental, ortho, or vision bills from prior to 2023?

  • No.

Using the Member Portal

For additional information, please see the Member Portal How-To Guide.

Why do I have to attach my bank account when I create my account?

  • If you use your card(s) for non-covered services or if you have reached your card limit before all spending has been processed money will be recouped via your bank account.

How do I see my child dependents in the portal?

  • Nomi will assign all child dependents that you listed for benefits during enrollment to the primary member's account.

Can my spouse/partner see child dependents in their portal?

  • No. However, the cards can be added to both parents' or guardians' wallet.

Will I see my spouse/partner or any adult dependents information in my portal?

  • No. Anyone over the age of 18 will have their login information.

What happens when my child dependent turns 18?

  • When you create your account, you will indicate if you have someone turning 18 and if would like them to have their own account when that occurs. If you choose yes it will be set up on the next business day. If you choose no your dependent will stay under your account until the end of the benefit year.

Where do I find my cards for dental, vision, and orthodontics?

  • You will see your cards for dental, orthodontics and vision upon and can toggle between them; you'll only see the benefits you signed up for in Workday.

How do I see my card details?

  • You can unmask your card details by clicking the 'eye' icon on your digital card.

How long will it take for my member portal to reflect my current spending?

  • Please allow for up to 5 business days for card limits and benefit accumulator details to be updated in your member portal.

Can I copy and paste my card numbers into my wallet?

  • Yes. However, you will have to manually enter the expiration date and CVV.

What if my bank account is rejected during login and I am unable to login?

  • You will have two attempts to enter your bank account information before being locked out from proceeding. If this happens, please contact totalrewards@nomihealth.com.

Using my Nomi Card

How do I add my cards to my Apple or Google wallet?

Why am I unable to use my Samsung wallet?

  • It is currently not available. Please use Google Wallet via the Google Play Store.

What can I do if my provider’s wallet pay is not working, or they do not accept Apple/Google Pay?

  • Unmask the card details and read them to the provider.


What do I say when setting my appointment?

  • My employer doesn't offer traditional dental/ortho/vision insurance, and it is an open network. I will be paying at the time of service with a digital card. Do you offer any sort of cash pay discount?

What do I say when paying for my service?

  • My employer doesn't offer traditional dental/ortho/vision insurance. I have a digital card for making payments immediately at the point of care. Do you offer any sort of cash pay discount?

What do I need to collect before leaving my appointment?

  • My employer requires a detailed receipt that includes the provider name and contact information, service date, treatments received, dental codes if possible, and any additional information that you can provide. It would be even better if you can split the receipts into separate documents for each of my dependents.

What information should be on my receipt?

  • See above.