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Nomi Health Pharmacy offers massive savings on your generic medications, convenient and timely shipping to your door, and personalized medication management by our dedicated pharmacists.

Pharmacy Benefits

With over 20,000 available medications, we provide a personalized experience that makes it convenient for you to fill new prescriptions, adjust existing ones, transfer medications, or speak directly to our expert pharmacists.

Low Prices

Discover unbeatable nationwide savings on over 20,000 medications and unlock our lowest prices using our easy cash pay method.

Direct Delivery

Direct delivery straight to your door in just 2-3 business days.

Medication Management

Contact our pharmacists to get help managing your medications.

Our Cost Savings & Price Transparency

There's the traditional way of doing things... and then there's our way of doing things. Check out traditional retail prices compared to Nomi Health Pharmacy prices.

Massive Medication Savings

Traditional pharmacy benefits rely on multiple middlemen and non-transparent processes. These unnecessary complexities drive up the cost of medication. Since 2014, drug prices have increased by 35%, surpassing inflation rates by 16%.We reduce the cost of generic drugs up to 90% by eliminating added markups and fees from middlemen, delivering medication to you at the lowest possible cost.*

"I had a very smooth experience using the Nomi Pharmacy. Their pharmacists were friendly and transferred a prescription I had at my local pharmacy. Paying online was easy. When the time came for me to refill, Nomi sent me an automated text and my medication was on its way. Thanks Nomi!"

"When my employer used Nomi’s Direct Generic program, I was excited. Although I am a retired military member, my cost for 90-day supplies was dropped by over $125 from what I pay through TriCare."

"I highly recommend utilizing Nomi Pharmacy, especially with pharmacist Paisley. Their expertise and collaborative approach with my doctor ensured I received the right medication for my blood pressure. They provided personalized care to optimize my health."

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Ready to transfer or send new prescriptions to Nomi Health Pharmacy? Reach out today to quickly and easily add, change, transfer medications, and connect with a pharmacist.

Frequently Asked Questions

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