Innovative Recovery Support: Nomi Health’s Success Care Teams Up with Sober Sidekick App

Priya Shah
Nomi Health
April 24, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY - Nomi Health's Success Care, an integrated substance use disorder (SUD) treatment program, announced today a strategic alliance with Sober Sidekick, a leading digital resource supporting individuals on their journey to recovery. This collaboration signifies a significant step forward in addiction recovery, uniting two industry leaders to provide comprehensive support and resources for those seeking recovery.

Together, Nomi Health's Success Care and Sober Sidekick are addressing the urgent need for a multifaceted approach to addiction recovery by offering individuals the tools, resources, and social support needed to achieve lasting sobriety.

Nomi Health's Success Care bridges clinical and social care needs to provide personalized treatment plans aimed at treating the whole person. It offers a range of interventions, including in-person and virtual primary care, medication-assisted treatment, counseling, and peer recovery support, to support holistic recovery. With a 68% engagement rate at 34 days across a predominantly Medicaid population, the program significantly outperforms the 28% rate observed in 2021 Medicaid Health Maintenance Organizations by 139%, highlighting its effectiveness in meeting patient needs and fostering sustained engagement in SUD treatment.

Our partnership with Sober Sidekick embodies our commitment to addressing the nation's opioid and substance use disorder crisis head-on. - Sara Ratner, Nomi Health’s President of Integrated Programs

"Together, we're building a support network that's always there, day or night, to guide individuals through every aspect of their recovery journey. From tackling the physical challenges to navigating the emotional and social aspects of recovery, our combined expertise ensures our patients never feel alone in their recovery."

Sober Sidekick has expanded from 10,000 to almost 500,000 members over the last three years. The platform ensures that all members seeking support receive a 100% peer response rate, which helps reduce isolation and promote recovery. The platform's approach has proven to be effective, with users experiencing a 68% reduction in relapse rates by the fifth time they engage with peer support.

At its core, the partnership between Success Care and Sober Sidekick embodies a commitment to holistic care, recognizing that recovery encompasses not only abstaining from substances but also nurturing mental and emotional well-being. By treating the whole person and addressing the underlying factors contributing to addiction, this partnership is poised to usher in a new era of hope and healing for individuals and families affected by addiction.

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