Nomi Health Addresses Critical Gap in Long COVID Treatment With the Launch of a Dedicated Care Management Program

Nomi Health
April 6, 2022

Research shows that long COVID severely impacts patients while contributing significantly to the critical labor shortage and workforce productivity

OREM, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nomi Health, the direct healthcare company delivering easy-to-access, low-cost healthcare across the country, today announced the launch of its Long COVID Care Management Program, a streamlined virtual care solution enabling patients to successfully manage symptoms of long COVID. By coordinating care, the digitally powered program keeps patients healthier while empowering public and private sector organizations to minimize the impacts of long COVID on their communities.

“As a country, we face an emerging crisis with no clear path for treating long COVID. Patients are left to navigate an uncoordinated patchwork of urgent care, primary care and specialist visits. The time is now to be proactive on long COVID care management before it further exacerbates patient health and damages our economy,” said Mark Newman, co-founder and CEO, Nomi Health. “Our program enables people to get back to work and life by taking the stress and confusion out of the process. In turn, governments and employers that offer this to their communities can manage the extreme productivity and economic hits that long COVID will no doubt wield in the months and years to come.”

Now enrolling employers and local governments, Nomi Health’s Long COVID Care Management Program lowers the cost of care by providing a more intentional, deliberate approach. A recent analysis of available data from Brookings indicates that 15 percent of the more than 10 million unfilled jobs in the U.S. are likely due to the impact of long COVID. The GAO reports that long COVID has potentially affected up to 23 million Americans, pushing an estimated one million people out of work. Equally substantial is the impact on care costs. According to Artemis Health, a Nomi Health company, long COVID increases an employee's healthcare costs by as much as 357% per member per month.

“From our work on the front lines serving more than 11 million Americans with COVID testing and treatment, we deeply understand the need for real-time care. For the millions of Americans already suffering from long COVID’s harmful impact, a coordinated care approach could not be timelier. COVID does not discriminate in the toll it takes. Long COVID severely impacts patients, from elite athletes to the most vulnerable among us,” said Dr. June Steely, medical director, Nomi Health. “A digitally powered approach that offers real-time access to both care teams and to treatment is vital to containing this secondary crisis resulting from the pandemic.”

The Nomi Health Long COVID Care Management Program allows patients to:

  • Assess and share their symptoms asynchronously for seamless remote monitoring in between visits;
  • Connect to a qualified care team via a telehealth immediately, outside of severe cases that require a trip to the emergency room;
  • Receive a personalized, proactive care and support plan based on the patient’s specific symptoms; and
  • Access to care and treatment conveniently.

Employers, governments and Medicare beneficiaries interested in learning more or enrolling in the Long COVID Care Management Program can visit