Nomi Health Announces National Partnership with ClearPoint Health Answering Growing Employer Demand for More Affordable Health Insurance

Stephanie Sonoda
Nomi Health
December 6, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nomi Health (“Nomi”), a direct healthcare company, and ClearPoint Health (“ClearPoint”), a national employer benefits platform, today announced a partnership to empower small and mid-sized employers across the United States to take control of their health insurance costs.

“Nomi and ClearPoint share an unrelenting focus on creating tangible and transparent value for employers. We both believe that ‘healthcare is local’ and we’ll leverage our shared product to promote more localized partnerships between providers and employers”

“We all deserve accessible and affordable healthcare in our communities. Unfortunately, our healthcare system is burdened by unnecessary complexity and the overwhelming costs are resulting in employers not being able to offer a meaningful health benefit to employees,” said Mark Newman, CEO and co-founder of Nomi Health. “Together with ClearPoint Health, we’re simplifying how healthcare is paid for and delivered, and we take pride in passing these savings onto small and mid-sized employers, so they can provide an affordable plan to their employees and families.”

ClearPoint and Nomi have the shared mission to lower healthcare costs by cutting unnecessary complexity within the healthcare system. As part of this effort, both companies support the growing employer-directed trend, which is proven to cut costs and improve patients’ care and experience by realizing the value of cutting out waste through direct to employer contracting, transparent pharmacy management and other programs aimed at creating closer employer relationships with providers. A growing number of employers nationwide are turning to self-funded models to have more control over healthcare costs.

ClearPoint is a pioneer in developing and scaling clinically integrated captives, a novel approach incorporating clinical providers in the sponsorship of medical stop loss captives offering level-funded and self-funded products. ClearPoint’s clinically integrated product is known as CliniCaptive, which is purpose-built for provider organizations to offer more affordable and transparent insurance options to their local employers.

Through the CliniCaptive product, Nomi will feature its end-to-end platform of services, including its growing national network of low-cost, high-quality provider partners, pharmacy solutions, provider-centric revenue cycle management, member navigation services, and its robust reporting and analytics suite. These connected solutions create market-leading experiences, clinical outcomes, and affordability.

“Nomi and ClearPoint share an unrelenting focus on creating tangible and transparent value for employers. We both believe that ‘healthcare is local’ and we’ll leverage our shared product to promote more localized partnerships between providers and employers,” said Jeb Dunkelberger, CEO of ClearPoint Health. “ClearPoint’s medical stop loss captive integrates perfectly with Nomi’s service platform. Together, we’re able to partner with more provider organizations and health systems as we aggregate employers seeking an alternative insurance solution that offers sustainable affordability.”

ClearPoint and Nomi will be launching their partnership product across at least four distinct regions that encapsulate over 15 states in 2024, with expansion markets already planned for early 2025. Over 50 health systems are expected to announce their participation in select geographies over the next year, further expanding access to affordable insurance for employers seeking high-quality and lower cost healthcare benefits.

About ClearPoint Health

ClearPoint Health is a national employer benefits platform for small and mid-sized employers. ClearPoint’s core product is a medical stop loss captive, which enables employers to sustainably self-fund their insurance benefits while saving money on ancillary services and vendors. For more information, please visit

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