Nomi Health, CHG Healthcare Partner to Meet Growing Need for Streamlined Care for Underserved Communities

Priya Shah
Nomi Health
March 7, 2024

Partnership closes gaps in care for high-needs commercial, Medicaid and Medicare populations

Salt Lake City (March 7, 2024): Nomi Health and CHG Healthcare announced a partnership to radically expand medical support to underserved communities throughout the United States today. Instead of the traditional friction in most patient care models, the Nomi and CHG partnership delivers a seamless, integrated solution that includes: multi-channel patient engagement, access to virtual care, and performance tracking metrics with clinical and claims-based data.

Unlike traditional models that create extra hurdles between patients and the care they need, the partnership enables providers to immediately launch a virtual visit with at-risk patients at the point of engagement. It also utilizes text, email, chatbot, and live agents to engage in on-the-spot telehealth visits with patients, ensuring immediate careand real-time set up for wraparound peersupport and case management throughout the patient’s care journey. The program is available in all 50states and in multiple languages.

”Siloed care is one of the largest challenges facing at-risk populations,” Nomi Health’s President of Integrated Programs, Sara Ratner, said. “This partnership allows providers to spend time delivering care resulting in improved clinical outcomes and health plan performance.”

The program orchestrates end-to-end care delivery to close care gaps, while leveraging data to perform ongoing claims analysis and real-time insights to track gap closure targets. This provider-led approach lowers overall care costs with actionable analytics and improves Healthcare Effectiveness Data and InformationSets (HEDIS) scores.

“I love this partnership because it really gets back to what telemedicine and locum tenens is all about — providing desperately needed healthcare to underserved communities,” said Matt Brown,CHG’s Vice President of Advisory Services and Telehealth. “We’re honored and excited to be part of this partnership and not only close coverage gaps but get real-time data to ensure we are providing the most efficient, highest-quality coverage for our patients.”

About Nomi Health

Nomi Health powers a new model of healthcare for buyers of care and their partners. The company simplifies the business of healthcare with payment rails and programs built specifically for self-funded employers, governments and their partners, such as TPAs, brokers, and consultants.

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