Nomi Health Launches Charitable Foundation to Expand Access to Affordable, High-Quality Healthcare

Nomi Health
February 23, 2023

The Nomi Health Charitable Foundation will broaden the company’s philanthropic investments in healthcare equity, financial and health literacy, STEAM education and social determinants of health.

“Frontline Futures Initiative” will offer tuition assistance and support to underserved individuals pursuing careers in healthcare.

OREM, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nomi Health, a direct healthcare company, has announced the creation of the Nomi Health Charitable Foundation to advance the company’s efforts to expand access to high-quality affordable healthcare across the United States. The Foundation will take a comprehensive approach to break the healthcare inequity cycle, including removing barriers to care and addressing health disparities disproportionately impacting underserved communities.

Our mission at Nomi Health is to rewire the U.S. healthcare system to run at half the cost while increasing access for all. We were proud to put that mission to work in the face of the pandemic, and we are broadening our impact every day
Mark Newman Nomi Health Co-founder and CEO

Nomi Health has donated $11 million since its founding in 2019 and is seeding the creation of the charitable foundation with an additional $5 million. The foundation will be continuously funded.

“Our mission at Nomi Health is to rewire the U.S. healthcare system to run at half the cost while increasing access for all. We were proud to put that mission to work in the face of the pandemic, and we are broadening our impact every day,” said Mark Newman, co-founder, and CEO of Nomi Health. “Until our mission is fulfilled, Americans across our country continue to struggle without access to affordable care. That’s why we’re launching the Nomi Health Charitable Foundation to formalize our years-long commitment to take on the deeply rooted inequalities in our broken healthcare system and to uplift those who have been left behind.”

Through philanthropic investments and partnerships, the Nomi Health Charitable Foundation will focus on four key areas of impact:

  • Healthcare Equity: Nomi Health focuses on addressing health disparities by increasing access to affordable, high-quality care – including mental healthcare. Nomi Health also provides resources and financial support to those in underserved communities who pursue careers in frontline healthcare.
  • Financial and Health Literacy: Nomi Health partners with organizations that help patients better understand the healthcare system and afford the care they need by increasing awareness of healthcare savings and debt relief programs.
  • STEAM Education: Nomi Health supports programs that encourage youth to explore careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).
  • Community Social Determinants of Health (SDoH): Nomi Health’s efforts will help solve issues impacting social determinants of health specific to the local communities we serve.

The Nomi Health Charitable Foundation is launching a new signature program – The Frontline Futures Program – to support students and young professionals pursuing careers in healthcare. The need for healthcare workers has never been greater: by 2025, the U.S. is estimated to have a major shortage of healthcare workers – including physicians, nurse practitioners, lab technicians, and home health aides – which will only exacerbate existing shortfalls and inequities in our healthcare system. The Frontline Futures Program will offer tuition assistance, mentorship opportunities and wrap-around services – such as transportation and housing stipends – to traditionally underserved individuals who are studying or beginning their careers in frontline healthcare roles. By addressing specific barriers to success, The Frontline Futures Program allows people to be fully supported, financially and beyond, as they embark on their careers. The first phase of the program will be implemented with local partners in three states where Nomi Health operates: Miami Dade College in Florida, Goodwill Industries in Nebraska and the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement in Hawaii.

“The launch of the foundation goes well beyond simply allocating funds. Our employees are active participants in the mission of this foundation and engage directly in efforts and events to serve others,” said Rebecca Armstrong Langle, executive director of the Nomi Health Charitable Foundation, who also serves as director of social impact at Nomi Health. “Caring for and about people is embedded in our mission. The foundation is an extension of Nomi’s strong track record of charitable giving and volunteerism. We are committed to deepening this impact across the communities where we live and work.”

Nomi Health has partnered with more than 70 nonprofit organizations nationwide, including Voices for Children in South Florida, Nebraska Children and Families in Nebraska, the University of Texas at Austin’s WiSTEM, Encircle of Utah and the Special Olympics of Nebraska and Florida Healthy Athletes Program.

The company also pledged $5 million to nonprofit Civica to address the crisis of skyrocketing insulin costs in the United States and partnered with RIP Medical Debt to pay off debt valued at more than $225 million for hundreds of Americans. In 2022, Nomi Health covered the cost of mental health support for frontline healthcare workers in six key states.

Beyond philanthropic investments, Nomi Health is committed to decreasing the cost and increasing access to healthcare in America by disrupting the status quo of how people consume and pay for healthcare. During the pandemic, Nomi Health recognized that America’s highest risk populations in our nation’s care deserts were – and continue to be – grossly underserved. Nomi Health led the nation’s largest known mobile COVID-19 vaccine and testing program in the nation, including launching a fleet of 100+ mobile care teams to prisons, long-term care facilities, homeless shelters, federal housing facilities, and other vulnerable populations. During the pandemic, Nomi Health served both insured and uninsured individuals with reliable, no out-of-pocket cost COVID-19 services at its locations nationwide, despite the ending of federal funding, and provided free COVID-19 tests for more than 1.5 million uninsured individuals last year at a value of more than $200 million.

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Nomi Health is a nationwide direct healthcare system making it easier than ever for any buyer of healthcare to access the highest quality affordable care for their communities. The company’s direct care ecosystem encompasses a real-time operating and payment platform— inclusive of analytics and payment infrastructure— as well as an integrated care delivery architecture featuring essential care services, pharmacy, and an open network. To date, Nomi Health has saved buyers of care an average of 30 percent compared to traditional healthcare costs, while enabling them to give their communities more access to lower-cost, high-quality care.

Based in Orem, Utah, Nomi Health employs more than 2,000 nationwide, working to lower healthcare expenses, widen care access and improve the patient experience. An experienced, cross-functional leadership team leads the company with clinical, healthcare, technology, and finance backgrounds. Nomi Health has so far invested more than $10 million dollars in improving the well-being of the communities it serves. Visit us on Twitter @NomiHealth and


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