Nomi Health Operates Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Center in Utah as Part of COVID-19 Community Care Delivery

Nomi Health
December 2, 2021

OREM, Utah—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Nomi Health, the direct healthcare company rewiring how care is bought, paid for and delivered, today announced the operation of its first monoclonal antibody treatment center, first launched in Utah in November 2021. The center, located in Orem, supports the Utah Department of Health and furthers Nomi Health’s COVID-19 care solution set while providing care for those unable to access traditional healthcare settings.

We put rigorous protocols in place to ensure we maintain a safe and comfortable environment for patients.
Dr. June Steely Medical Director, Nomi Health

The center, located at 1350 Sandhill Road, Orem UT, is open Monday – Saturday from 7a.m. – 7p.m. MT. Due to the wait period post treatment the last available appointment time is 5:30p.m. MT.

“Infectious disease experts nationally have established monoclonal antibody treatment as highly effective – yet woefully underused – in our defense against COVID-19. So when the State of Utah called upon Nomi Health to help expand access to care, we answered the call and donated the rebuild of one of our facilities for the purpose of providing a community access model for monoclonal treatment in Utah,” said Mark Newman, CEO and co-founder of Nomi Health. “We applaud Utah for continuing to embrace this treatment, as more states do so. Not only is it life-changing for affected patients, it is critical to avoiding the complete overburden of our healthcare system as the rate of new COVID-19 cases grows at an alarming rate and as ICU beds continue to fill up.”

Following a procurement process led by the Utah Department of Health, Nomi Health joins other providers to fast track the delivery of monoclonal antibody treatments for qualified Utahns. Those who test positive for COVID-19 at any Utah site will be contacted to determine if they are eligible for treatment, and then may visit any open treatment center listed here:

“We put rigorous protocols in place to ensure we maintain a safe and comfortable environment for patients,” said Dr. June Steely, medical director, Nomi Health, who is overseeing the center. “This is a natural extension of the level of access and great patient experience Utahns receive from Nomi Health on testing and vaccination.”

Among the nation’s leading direct healthcare companies coordinating COVID-19 testing and vaccination efforts at scale throughout the U.S., Nomi Health has served as a trusted partner in more than eight states nationwide since the early days of the pandemic, serving approximately 30,000 patients per day with effective, quality testing and vaccines, and now treatment.