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Texas Impact Report


Nomi Health was founded on the simple yet powerful belief that healthcare can work better for all if it is paid for and delivered more directly. We envisioned a world in which buyers of healthcare—from states to large enterprises to universities—have insight into their healthcare spend to drive down costs and improve access to care; a world in which providers can be paid in real time; a world in which patients have easy access to care and a transparent view of their healthcare costs. While this vision is bold, Nomi Health has decades of cross-functional expertise in healthcare, finance and technology that can materialize this vision. Now, we have a team of more than 2,500 people working toward this vision every day. Our COVID-19 response programs in Texas and across the nation showed us all that a more direct healthcare approach is not only necessary, but also possible.

Our Approach In Texas

Our Approach in Texas — Community Testing for All

When we entered the Texas market, Nomi Health and our partners were among the only companies able to deliver the operational know-how and quality supply chain needed—including prized PPE and FDA EUA-authorized COVID tests. We arrived in Texas at a time when vaccinations were available to the public, but there was hesitancy with large swaths of the population, right before the Delta variant came into being a major variant with a strong ability to cause breakthrough cases of COVID. Nomi was able to provide no-cost COVID vaccinations and tests in major markets across the state, developing an early awareness of the company’s ability to provide a service that was burden free to both the consumer and the site owner.

From our entrance into the Texas market, May 2021, and still today, Nomi Health has provided easy access to vaccinations and testing for more than 115,000+ Texans, in 8 months, by:

  • Creating and implementing an end-to-end community testing solution, including coronavirus testing kits, lab equipment, technology support and other assistance;
  • Deploying a digital registration platform that is ISO 270001, FedRAMP, HITRUST and HIPAA-compliant;
  • Leveraging a scalable supply chain that included tests authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under their Emergency Use Authorization protocols; and
  • Equipping the State with critical data, allowing leaders to make real-time decisions about COVID response.

Throughout, we have stayed true to our founding mission, to make healthcare actually work for all involved, deploying one of the very few burden-free testing programs in the country, ahead of many of your neighbors.

Nomi’s Impact in Texas

Nomi’s Impact in Texas—115,000+ Texans Served

Nomi Health was able to provide one of the very few “burden free” testing programs in the country - requiring no doctor’s note, no symptoms, no insurance for access to critical testing. This level of access was, and continues to be, critical to peace of mind, to increase community safety. At this time, Nomi Health currently operates 20 COVID-19 testing sites within Texas – these sites have performed over 105,000 tests since May 2021. Nomi Health’s unique positioning and operational expertise has allowed the organization to establish testing at special events such as the ACL Music Festival and Texas Covered Healthcare Conference.

As part of its investment within the Lone Star State, Nomi Health has over 50 full-time employees working in tech development, finance and field operations in two permanent offices within Texas. Additionally, countless Nomi Health contractors serve field operations sites across the site. And, our MedX roster includes 398 staff members who have worked for us or expressed interest in working for Nomi.

The growing testing and ongoing vaccination program empowers Texans to get back to school, work and life, so that the economy can stay open. By focusing our efforts on community testing locations and vaccination events across the state, often taking COVID care directly to people in order to increase access, we delivered care to both the English and Spanish speaking community in location sites across the state, with bilingual services at every site.

Impact in Texas by the Numbers

  • More than 105,000 tests administered in six months
  • More than 10,000 vaccinations in eight months
  • Testing services have been offered at 37 different locations
  • Vaccines have been offered at 80 locations at 332 individual vaccine events
  • Our PCR results average 24-40 hours
  • We currently have 398 MedX staff members on our roster who have worked for us or have expressed interest in working for us in Texas
  • We have had testing and/or vaccine locations in all 7 major areas throughout the state (Lubbock/Amarillo, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, El Paso)
  • Supported five colleges and universities (Texas Tech, Wayland Baptist, Amarillo College, Sul Ross, South Plains College) and multiple schools and districts (Aoy Elementary, Holland ISD, Temple ISD, Jubilee Academies, Pegasus School, Cal Farley Boy’s Ranch, Presidio ISD, Frisco ISD & Austin ISD).
  • We have also supported several large employers and hospitals (Tyson Foods, Caviness Beef, Ajinomoto Foods, Covenant Hospital, StarCare Health, and Bunge Corporation)

Upholding Quality and Accuracy Standards

Together with PCR tests from global leader Co-Diagnostics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CODX)—which has maintained FDA authorization through the U.S. government’s Emergency Use Authorization -- Texans had easy, unhindered access to the gold standard of testing. Even as the FDA has added nearly 300 tests to its “do not use” list, Co-Diagnostics remains a trusted, validated supplier of quality tests.

A Snapshot of Nomi’s Recent Growth in Texas

Nomi is Committed to Texas for the Long Haul

When Nomi came to Texas it was the beginning of a long-term commitment to supporting the state. No Texan will be turned away, regardless of insurance status. While we are honored to serve Texans amid the pandemic, our work in rewiring entrenched healthcare systems is only just beginning.

Along the way, we’ve gladly invested in communities, contributing to programs and organizations state-wide and partaking in the business community as a member of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, with the short-term goal of getting involved in multiple chambers, as we continue to strengthen our outreach efforts. Our success across the country has emboldened us in our mission to apply a direct healthcare model beyond COVID and make healthcare work for everyone.