Introducing: Frontline Futures Program

Nomi Health
Nomi Health
March 1, 2023

Last week we excitedly announced the Nomi Health Charitable Foundation, an extension of our purpose as a company, that will support our commitment to expand access to affordable, high-quality healthcare across the United States. Today, we are introducing our first program as a formal foundation, the Frontline Futures Program.  

About the Frontline Futures Program

The Nomi Health Charitable Foundation’s Frontline Futures Program supports students and young professionals pursuing careers in healthcare. Frontline Futures goes beyond offering financial support, it addresses specific barriers to success, allowing participants to be fully supported, financially and beyond, as they embark on their careers.

The program offers tuition assistance, mentorship opportunities and wrap-around services – such as transportation, clothing and housing stipends – to traditionally underserved individuals who are studying or beginning their careers in frontline healthcare roles.

Why is this our first program as a foundation?  

The need for healthcare workers has never been greater: by 2025, the U.S. is estimated to have a major shortage of healthcare workers – including physicians, nurse practitioners, lab technicians, and home health aides – which will only exacerbate existing shortfalls and inequities in our healthcare system.  

Frontline Futures is a first step by the Nomi Health Foundation in its mission to break the cycle of healthcare inequity, including removing barriers to care and addressing health disparities disproportionately impacting underserved communities.

Implementation at a Local Level

The first phase of the program will be implemented with local partners in three states where Nomi Health operates. The Nomi Foundation will invest $50,000 each with Miami Dade College in Florida, Goodwill Industries in Nebraska and the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement in Hawaii.    

In Florida: Nomi Health Foundation will partner with Miami Dade College in support of its Care Cadre program addressing the severe nursing shortage the state is experiencing. Care Cadre brings experiential learning through simulation in the form of boot camp intensives at MDC’s Simulation Hospital, where students experience real-world scenarios often handled by nurses. Students develop clinical and critical thinking skills as part of their training.  

In Nebraska: Nomi Health Foundation will partner with Goodwill Industries at their locations in both North and South Omaha in support of its Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. Nomi’s funding will cover class fees, job skills training, coaching from a Goodwill Career Specialist, and wrap-around services to ensure no obstacles get in the way of completing the training.  

In Hawaii: Nomi Health Foundation will partner with the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement in the development of a clinical licensure program for Native Hawaiians. Nomi will work with the organization to create a program that offers tuition reimbursement, coaching and wrap-around services to students needing it most.  

We’re proud to be bringing this program to individuals and communities across the U.S. and are committed to our mission of easy access to low-cost care for everyone. To learn more about our mission, our past philanthropic efforts, and how to partner with us visit Nomi Gives Back.