Two Years of Impact: How Nomi Health has Transformed Healthcare Delivery in the Face of the Pandemic

Nomi Health
Nomi Health
June 15, 2022

Nomi Health was founded in 2019 with a bold mission to rebuild the healthcare system that is inefficient, costly and difficult to navigate. Shortly after we got started, a global pandemic turned the healthcare industry, and the world, upside down. We punched into high gear and put our mission to work – working with governments, businesses and communities to provide accessible and no cost to patient COVID-19 testing and vaccinations nationwide. We showed up in critical ways that shaped the response across the country.  

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We believe that healthcare should be affordable and accessible for everyone. This was our guiding light as our team worked to bring COVID-19 testing and treatment to people and places others weren’t willing to. Our team worked late nights and early mornings, in extreme heat and through blizzards, and in the process have provided critical care services to nearly 15 million Americans to date, many of whom live in underserved communities.  

Battling the Pandemic

COVID-19 exposed that America’s two core healthcare channels – providers and retail care – simply could not rise to meet the new demands of care delivery. Nomi Health created a “third lane” of direct care to patients, an entirely new ecosystem outside of the traditional public/private healthcare system. We tested more patients daily than all the big-box pharmacies combined.

“Nomi Health has been a tremendous partner with the State. In a time of emergency and uncertainty, @nomihealth helped us successfully launch TestNebraska to provide quick, affordable COVID testing to more than one million Nebraskans.” - Pete Ricketts, Nebraska Governor

150K+ COVID-19 tests delivered each day during major surges, scaling where traditional healthcare could not. Over 906K COVID-19 vaccinations administered.

Burden Free Testing: From Rural Counties to Prisons

While many states and organizations struggled to get testing sites up and running, Nomi Health powered the very first – and still the very few - “burden-free testing programs” in the nation. This means we operated testing sites that did not require symptoms, a doctor’s note or insurance in the earliest days of the pandemic. We believed that access to testing was more important than red tape.  

The ability to launch open access to testing impacted individual and public health, and empowered counties and states to recover economically. In fact, a recent Politico study ranked Nebraska, where Nomi Health operated the TestNebraska program on behalf of the state, as the top scorer overall in terms of state response.  

During the pandemic, we immediately recognized that America’s highest risk populations in our nation’s care deserts were – and continue to be - grossly underserved. So, we set up programs to help these communities. We quickly launched a fleet of Nomi Health care teams to prisons, long-term care facilities, homeless shelters, federal housing facilities, and other vulnerable populations.  

  • Launched 100+ mobile care teams
  • Led the nation’s largest known mobile COVID-19 vaccine and testing program
  • Continued to welcome uninsured Americans to our sites nationwide when HRSA lapsed
  • Ensured quality and rigor in all our testing and clinics
  • Served 44% of patients living in ZIP codes where the poverty rate is greater than 15%

“What Nomi Health is doing here is nothing short of spectacular.” - Sam Brock, Miami Correspondent for NBC and MSNBC

44% of Nomi Health patients live in counties where the poverty rate is 15% of higher. 83% of Nomi Health patients live in counties where 15% of citizens leverage public health coverage. 55% of Nomi Health Patients live in counties where 15% of citizens have no health coverage.

Impact Beyond COVID-19

Our commitment has and will continue to center around:  

  • Providing lower costs for buyers of healthcare in both public and private sectors  
  • Increasing access to care for patients – especially those in underserved communities who need it most  
  • Improving the entire experience for everyone involved

As leaders and contributors to our communities, we believe in leading by example. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and investments reflect our beliefs. Here’s a look at what we’ve done this year:  

Nomi Health has worked across 15+ States and in more than 1000 communities. We have launched a mobile care fleet of 100+ mobile care units.

We believe healthcare must be delivered in real-time and at a lower cost. We’ve proudly made progress by delivering care at scale, bringing modern fintech principles to the industry, paying providers in real-time and delivering care directly to the communities that need it most. While we have a long way to go, we have set the stage for more good to be done!

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